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Jo Grice


What is the break down time of the coarse pellets


Jon Handley

The break down time of Skretting's coarse fish pellets is an hour.  However, it does depend on the size of the pellet.  Smaller pellets break down faster than the larger ones.

In general, the higher the oil content the longer the break down time.

Adam Chapman

I am looking to establish a feed regime on my 3 acre carp fishing lake, stocked with fish from 6 -30lb. assume 250 x 5kg carp for biomass. There are also silvers and pike and we crop every 2 years to keep enough for the pike. In addition i currently have been suffering some fish deaths and others have ulcers on them although appear otherwise healthy. So the question is in 2 parts: - 1/ I see the "Response Xtra" supplement and it looks like the sort of thing i want to resolve the current problems but as this is not a fish farm sometimes the pellet will be left uneaten for a period before the carp find it. does the additive stay on the pellet for sufficient time to be eaten? 2/ Is the coarse/carp pellet a complete feed that have all required vitamins etc.

Regards, Adam

Jon Handley

Hi Adam,

To answer your questions

1.     The Response Xtra Booster Supplement is ideal for the problems you have described. Response Xtra Booster Supplement is designed to be used at the following application rate:

250 grammes supplement per 25 kg feed which is equal to 10 kg supplement per tonne feed

The supplement can be mixed with feed either in a clean cement mixer or by spreading feed onto a clean plastic sheet and then carefully and evenly adding the supplement. A very small amount of fish oil or vegetable oil may be necessary for the supplement to adhere to the feed and also to increase the water stability of the pellets.

However the pellets won’t stay whole for very long, certainly < 12 hours, so my advice would be to feed normal pellets for a period of a week in one or two places around the fishery to get the fish used to finding the feed in certain areas, and then to use the Response for the next two weeks. This will give at least some of your fish a reasonable dose of response.

 2.       Our Coarse fish feed is formulated to be a complete feed, supplying all the nutritional requirements of the fish.


Hi, I have several large Sturgeon in my pond (over a metre long) with fairly large Koi. Do you sell a product for feeding Sturgeon? And if possible pellets about 12mm or larger, as my Koi feed on smaller pellets and not their own food. Regards, Mick


I would recommend Skretting's Elite SP 110 product.


Dylan Clarke

Hi, I have a garden pond of around 0.4 acre stocked with carp, bream, rudd, chub and tench which I supplement the natural food in the pond with your coarse pellets. When I go on holiday for a week, what should I do about feeding? Is it ok to put in 1 weeks worth of food, or would it start to rot after a couple of days and be no good? Also, I am feeding away at your recommended rates and can only assume that the pellets are being eaten, do you have any tips as to how I could tell? The water is fairly coloured and 6' deep. I'm not keen to put it into the shallows as the Heron is often around.

Jon Handley

There should be enough natural food in the pond for the fish to last for a week or so, so don’t worry.

The way to tell if the food is being eaten is to feed them in one spot so they get used to feeding in that area.  You will be able to see if all of the food has been eaten.

Jon Handley

Alan Malone

Hi I was recently on my first trip abroad I went to the river ebro in Spain to fish for wells catfish with we was using your 22mm pellets I have to say the quality really showed we had a exelent week catching 3000 lb of fish so I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work producing the highest quality pellets on the market I will be using them in future here in the UK thank you

Jon Handley

Thanks Alan

Jim Litchfield

I have tried your ornametal carp food for my koi, i purchased 15kg to try it. i find that the fish like it although if they are hungry they will eat almost anything. the waste is very minimal and i am pleased with that. the only thing that is a bit fustrating is that i have got a glass window in the side of my pond and the water has seemed to become coloured with a brown taint to it. which dimishes the effect. i was wondering do you know that the food does that, do you know what the cause is and is it possible to leave out what ever the agent is? nearly finnished the 15kg so what to order some more very shortly and so does some of my mates but the colouring of the water is a problem.

Robert Hughes

Dear Mr Litchfield,

Thank you for your question.  Our Trout Sales Manager has read your message and said that it is an algal problem and not related to the fish feed.  The levels of sunlight are much higher at the moment and promote algal production.


Lisa Buckley

Simon Dixon

I am a bailiff at a small course fishing lake we have a mixture of fish and are stocking every year with carp and silver fish due to a fish kill a few years ago as a result the lake now does not get fished regularly and does not see much bait we are trying to ensure we are giving the fish enough food to grow the carp approx fifty to eighty in number range from five to over thirty pound the bream are one pound up to seven the silvers are all sizes as they have breed well in last few years. What would be the best pellet to fed with and do we need to mix sizes to give all fish a chance or use a larger pellet and rely on them being eaten when broken down. Thanks Simon

Jon Handley

To provide supplementary feed for your stock we would recommend using Coarse Fish pellets. Given the large size variation in your fish, both carp and silver fish, a range of sizes of pellet can be used but initially it is probably best to just use one size (6.00mm) until feeding response can be assessed. This is best achieved by regularly feeding just a couple of spots around the lake so fish get used to finding the pellets in that area. The Coarse Fish feed pellets have a relatively short breakdown time (< 12 hrs) so will be readily eaten by smaller fish if the larger specimens are not in the area being fed. Start by only introducing small quantities of feed until you are sure all is being consumed within 24 hrs and then you can start to increase the quantities, especially as the water temp starts to rise later on in the year.

Chris Handle

Hi I have a 1 acre pond x 6ft deep on a farm which i have just acquired, it was used as a slurry pit about 14 years ago but was cleaned out and has subsequently filled with rainwater. I have tested the water for Ph, nitrate and nitrite and all levels are within habital range (according to the notes on the product boxes). I have introduced 250 small carp 4-6 inches and am just about to introduce some tench, roach and bream. My concern is that I have seen no sign of the carp i have introduced (about 8-9 weeks ago) is this normal.

Jon Handley

I wouldn’t worry too much about not seeing the carp as they are quite small and in a comparatively large amount of water. You could try feeding a couple of small areas close to the bank on a regular basis and observe any feeding activity either early morning or towards the end of the day. Once a few fish find the feed it shouldn’t be too long before others join them. Once the water warms up it might also be possible to observe some fish up at the surface especially during the main part of the day, especially if it is warm and sunny.