Tommy Flower May 2017

To start this blog off I would firstly like to apologise for my lack of activity in blogs and social media in general. As you may know my son was born at the end of last year and although he is one of the greatest things ever to happen I would like to ask why nobody warns you how hard it is having two young children. Summer, my daughter, was an absolute angel as a baby and most certainly led us into a false sense of security which was rudely thrown straight out the window when Louie arrived. I wont go into details but he has had us certainly on our toes and walking around with match sticks in our eyes. My fiancé gets the brunt of it all and I would just like to give her a little mention and comment on what a wonderful mother she is.


I can hear you all now saying “get on with the fishing talk” but before I let you know what’s been going on in my world I would just like to give a shout out to all those on the Skretting staff that manned the stalls during show season and a massive well done on a great success. This success though couldn’t have been achieved without our customers so thanks for turning up and making them great events. I was gutted I couldn’t attend this year but hopefully I will be on hand to see you all next year.


Time is the one thing we could all do with more of but as the saying goes time waits for no man and that clock keeps on ticking no matter how hard you try to stop it. As you can imagine I have been run ragged but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to get the rods out, not as much as I may have liked or for as long but I have managed to get my fix where possible. It’s at times like this when I cannot stress enough how important it is to have 100% confidence in what you are using and doing. Being in a very lucky position of fishing for Skretting I have access to what I believe to be the highest quality pellets available, one which has firmly rooted itself on top of my list. The Protec Carp pellets. Not only are the pellets of highest quality they are also very good for the fish which is a huge plus in my eyes. Most carp, and especially those in commercial venues, have been reared and fed on pellets of which a high percentage would have been manufactured by Skretting so will readily accept pellets as almost a natural food. Even those that may have hardly seen them still find it hard to pass over due to the food signals being released. As well as being highly attractive straight from the bag these special little pellets are hugely versatile due to their colour and low oil content which leaves room to take on any liquid flavours and even colours adding just that bit more attraction which is a must on short sessions like I have been doing lately.  Since Christmas I have been limited to the odd quick overnighter or short evening session after work with the odd full day chucked in here and there. Times like this are when your effort has to be at 110% as you need to make most of every second you have available to be able to consistently turn these short sessions in to successful ones. Throughout winter I hardly saw another angler which gave me a great advantage of being able to prebait without the fear of someone jumping in on my hard work. I would get home from work spend time with my family have dinner and quickly pop down the lake in darkness to bait my spots in hope of keeping the area alive and let the bait work for me even when I wasn’t there. My mix consisted of 2.5mm and 4.5mm Protec carp pellets and mixed sized vnf boilies from xcel baits. The idea was to keep the fish feeding in these areas and when I managed to get the rods out they would readily accept my baits and maximise my chances. The great thing when prebaiting with pellets is the fact that they breakdown. Boilies are great for getting carp hooked but the birdlife also love them and they will clear spots before a carp even has a chance of a look in. Due to the pellets breaking down means that the birds have a very difficult time in eating them thus leaving food and food signals in the area long enough for the fish to get in on the action.  This process was repeated 3 or 4 times a week and when I did get the opportunity to fish I got a very quick response and managed some very nice fish. The only thing that burned me a little was finding out someone had noticed my baiting activity and annoyingly capitalised on my hard work by having one of my target fish from my spot, it was fun while it lasted.


As the weather began to warm up the banks started to become a little more crowded and my prebaiting had to take a back seat due to the extra angling activity. With the prebaiting finished I now needed something to give me that added attraction during my short sessions. Glugs and liquid additives play a huge part in my angling and I was making sure to heavily coat my boilies and Protec pellets in ksc glug. The boosted attraction certainly worked in my favour and on numerous occasions has led to very quick bites once I found the fish. One such session I had spent the day searching out the carp on a local venue but wasn’t having much luck. The sun was burning down and the carp were making the most of the early spring warmth but the one swim which covered the area already had someone in residence but just as I was about to throw in the towel that angler showed signs of packing away. I wasted no time in loading the barrow and shooting round there to claim my steak on his departure. After a quick chat he informed me that the carp just weren’t interested and he had suffered a blank throughout his day. His warning didn’t faze me in the slightest and once the swim was finally mine I set to work spraying glugged Protec pellets over a small area the carp were regularly visiting and soon had the odd carp dropping down for a mouthful. A single hi viz banoffee popup on a low laying multi rig was gently cast to the area and I sat back in anticipation. More and more fish were sampling the pellets as my confidence grew until my buzzer screamed and I was called into action. A cracking near 20lb common was the culprit and I was left buzzing with my quick capture.


One session that really is the highlight of my season so far was one a few weeks back. The weather was due to be hot and the wind blowing a steady breeze into the shallows and with just one swim covering this area I knew exactly where I needed to be. A plan was hatched and an early morning alarm call saw me heading to the lake dreaming of how many carp would be coming my way. I had an added spring in my step as I pushed my barrow to my chosen plot but as I approached I could see an angler already set up gutted was an understatement. I had a good look around the lake in case anywhere else took my fancy but with the majority of the stock already in the swim I had previously set eyes on I was left without much to go on. I contemplated on just going home but how could I waste such valuable fishing time. After a quick think the van was reloaded and being pointed towards my syndicate. The session would involve a 100mile+ round trip leaving me with only a couple hours of actual fishing time. On arrival I made sure to have a good walk round and scan the water for any fishy activity. Luckily I soon found what I was looking in the shape of a very good fish doing its very best dolphin impression. It was obvious that there was a few fish in the area so a quick glance over my notes from previous sessions told me there was a clear area amongst weed at 9 ½ wraps which was very close to the showing fish. I couldn’t risk spooking the carp so a single pink ksc popup was sent out to the spot followed by a dozen 12mm glugged freebies and the trap was set. It didn’t take long before a fish was hooked and took off at a serious rate of knots. After a very tense and hard fought battle I slipped the net under an extremely good looking carp and my first from the lake.


As you may know I am a level 2 angling coach and a passion of mine is getting people hooked on our brilliant sport and that’s just what I have been doing lately. From Business men from overseas to very eager 10year old’s,  each one enjoyed their experience and I must say how hugely satisfying it is seeing peoples faces while they hold their first fish or new PB or even saying just one more cast as the session comes to an end. Throughout my sessions Skretting Protec pellets and Expander pellets have kept the action coming thick and fast from solid bags to surface fishing the fish simply couldnt get enough. So I must just say a huge thanks to Skretting for creating products that not only carp fish but take the worry of bait out of the equation which allows me to give my clients the very best sessions I can offer. If a tuition session may be something you are interested in please check out or get in contact and I will answer any questions you may have.


Right before I sign off I just want to give you a quick heads up on the new and improved Skretting fish feeds webshop. Not only will there be some new products but also some great saving to be had so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.


Until next time remember if its not happening keep positive and



Tommy Flower