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Skretting has consistently developed innovative products and solutions that, over time, have evolved into production standards. Skretting feeds wholly meet the nutritional requirements of fish and shrimp throughout their lifecycle. Below, you can find a selection of our global product portfolio.

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Whiteleg shrimp


PL is Skretting’s high-quality shrimp feed,
designed to offer advanced nutrition to shrimp
larvae Z2 all the way to post-larvae.

PL is produced according to a sophisticated
process that ensures fresh, soft and highly
palatable feed with optimal water stability of
each micro particle. It is a dry diet with gradual
hydration and effective dispersion, ensuring
maximum consumption. Each particle offers a
complete nutritional solution which allows for
significant reduction in the use of Artemia.

The production process enables the
creation of clean, homogeneous and dust-free micro particles, and ensures that less
nutrients are lost prior to ingestion.
These qualities assist to maintain high water
quality in production systems. PL is available
in five particle sizes, tailored to the requirements at different larvae stages.

PL is highly digestible and is formulated
with specific hydrolysed proteins, highly
unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA), phospholipids,
marine algae, vitamins and minerals to provide
a complete nutritional profile for larval shrimp.

Shrimp Grower

Skretting Egypt offers a grower feed range that
is formulated according to the specific dietary
requirements of shrimp, farmed under all
types of farming systems. Skretting’s shrimp
feed formulation is based on selected raw
materials supporting the digestive physiology
of shrimp.

Utilising Skretting’s extensive knowledge on
shrimp nutrition, Grower feeds support fast
growth and low feed conversion ratio when fed
at an optimal feeding frequency and rearing

Vitalis Shrimp

High-quality feed is important for proper shrimp maturation. Broodstock are commonly fed a combination of fresh feeds and formulated feeds. Vitalis 2.5 replaces some of these fresh feeds, and as it does not depend on seasonality, production is standardised all year round.

Vitalis 2.5 is a cold-extruded semi-soft pellet. It is formulated and produced at Skretting France’s Centre of Excellence for Hatchery Diets.
The formula is based on a high degree of marine protein components, algae, omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA), vitamins and minerals.

Vitalis is formulated to have a high protein content in order to support the high fecundity and spawning frequency. Pellets are 2.5mm in diameter and approximately 5mm in length.

The use of Vitalis 2.5 is proven to keep broodstock healthier for longer periods of time.




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