• Highly Digestible Diet
  • Innovative Feed Solution
  • Natural Functional Ingredients
  • Protection against Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Sophisticated Production Process
Micro Nutrition for Shrimp Larvae and Post-Larvae

WHITE TIGER is the new high quality shrimp feed from Skretting which has been designed to offer an advanced nutrition to larvae and post-larvae.

1. White Tiger diet is engineered to offer advanced nutrition to shrimp hatcheries.
2. Each micro particle is carefully designed, to offer a stable and nutritious platform while the low temperature production process ensures a soft, fresh and highly attractive particle.
3. Promotes natural functional ingredients that together assist with digestion, stabilizing gut pH and support the optimal well-being of shrimp larvae.
4. Improvements to overall shrimp health help to shield the shrimp from environmental impacts.
5. The concept of fortified immune system reduces the epidemic potential of an infection outbreak.
6. A dry diet with gradual hydration and effective dispersion, ensuring maximum consumption.

White Tiger is available in 5 particle sizes according to the size of the larva and postlarva.

Whiteleg shrimp