Research and Development

Skretting ARC – where science meets industry

All of Skretting’s feed products and feed management advice is underpinned by scientific research carried out in the laboratory and in real-life farming environments. Our research is driven by Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre, a global research organisation based in Stavanger, Norway, with further research units in Italy, Spain, China and Japan. The work undertaken in these facilities along with local feed and growth studies carried out here in the UK at institutions like Sparsholt College, Hampshire, enables Skretting to tailor our product range to local needs and ensures we maintain our position at the forefront of the rapidly developing aquaculture industry.

Our on-going investment in feed research Skretting has led to the development of a number of trademarked technologies and systems which include:


Using our MicroBalancetechnology, Skretting has been able to reduce the minimum fishmeal requirement in the feed by around 40%, without compromising performance, fish health or welfare. Microbalance provides micro-ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that are fully balanced.

We know it works through the extensive research we have undertaken. We have conducted trials at involved feeding fish diets containing 30% fishmeal compared to a diet containing 15% fishmeal and MicroBalance. A suite of performance, health and welfare parameters were closely monitored throughout the trials. The conclusion from all this research work, which has now been backed by several generations of commercial production results, is that the fishmeal percentage can safely be reduced when using approved vegetable proteins combined with MicroBalance™.


Skretting’s system for ensuring the quality and safety of our feeds

Nutrace® collates all our documentation on food safety, quality, traceability and sustainability and is a complete electronic record of every step in our fish feed production process. It has been developed to give full transparency to our customers and their own supply chains by detailing the strict requirements we place on our raw material suppliers as well as comprehensive analyses of those raw materials and our feeds.

Protec™ and Response Xtra

Skretting’s proactive in-feed health solutions for your fish 

Both Protec and Response Xtra are Skretting’s ‘functional feeds’ designed to help skin, gut and gill tissues deal with health and stress challenges.

Newly redeveloped, Protec is Skretting’s prime functional feed for farmed fish. Protec uses immunomodulators combined with a unique blend of organic acids and plant extracts that stimulate gut health and optimize gut microflora. Antioxidants work on an intra-cellular level to mop up the free radicals generated by an immune system fighting infection. Protec also provides building blocks for new cells and optimizes the balance between fish, microbes and environment.

Floating Protein Concept

Modern methods of formulating fish feeds take into account the differences in digestible protein between different raw materials and the variation that can be found between the same materials from different sources.  By accounting for this naturally occurring variation crude protein levels in diets may vary or 'float' within narrow limits but the digestible protein and amino acid levels will remain consistent and appropriate to the species and life stage of the fish being fed.

If you would like more information on Skretting’s research and development work feel free to contact us with your request.